Wiedno Kaszebe

Welcome to Everything Kashubian


Hello! I am Dave Shulist a fifth generation Kashubian Canadian and I promote all things Kashubian in Canada.

My Kashubian ancestors immigrated to Canada in 1858 from Europe from a place called Kashubia. This is the native land of my ancestors which borders the south shore of the Baltic Sea. I have created this page to show what Kashubian Canadians are doing to promote their unique culture and heritage.

Please click on the Canadian flag with the Kashubian Griffin to explore a short summary of the culture in Canada. 

After twenty years of research and my eleven visits to Kashubia, I have written a book which covers my discovery of my Kashubian roots in Europe. It is called “Discovering Kashubia Europe, the Fatherland of my Kashubian Ancestors”.  To purchase my book and other Kashubian items such as a Kashubian Flag, Hockey Jersey and Griffin hat please click on the  Kashubian Flag.

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